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Buying a yacht through IBIMARE - goes infinitely beyond a simple sale. On this page, you find more information about the buying process

Whether you are an experienced yacht Owner or a first-time buyer, we will make sure you find the yacht that is right for you and meets your individual requirements. Our purchasing process is designed to identify and secure your ideal luxury yacht, followed by a comprehensive due diligence and trouble-free handover with outstanding after-sales support.


  • Analysis of your requirements

  • Presentation and visit of potential yachts

  • Offer and price negotiation

  • Contract (memorandum of agreement)

  • Sea trial and condition survey

  • Delivery of your yacht

  • After-sales support


Analysis of your requirements

  • Every client has a different profile; we will build a picture of how you will use your yacht. Understanding the use of your yacht will be a key factor for presenting you with a list of relevant superyachts.

  • There will be constant interaction with the broker including regular (phone) contact and possibly some meetings in order to put a complete profile together. 

  • Following an analysis of your requirements, we will compile a list of suitable yachts using our in-depth knowledge of the industry and market.

  • We will then review and compare the available options with you, refining your search criteria and providing other yachts as necessary. 

Presentation and visit of potential yachts

  • IBIAMARE will presents a shortlist of superyachts, you will then discuss which should be investigated in more detail and we will start to arrange inspections of those yachts.

  • IBIAMARE will attend these guided tours to share and discuss impressions and questions.


Offer and price negotiation

  • Using our knowledge of the market, we will help you to design a strategy to achieve the purchase of your yacht on the best terms.

  • You will benefit from our group-wide knowledge of all comparable superyachts and their prices.

  • Most importantly, you will always remain in full control of the negotiations.

Contract (memorandum of agreement)

  • Once a price has been agreed, we will draft a sale and purchase agreement (or 'memorandum of agreement'). We will make sure that the terms of your offer and any other wishes are reflected in the purchase agreement.

  • If you are buying an existing yacht (rather than a new one), it is often advisable to include at least some of the current crew as a condition of purchase. They will be familiar with and trained on the yacht's facilities and cruising grounds.

  • Together with the Captain and crew, we will take part in supervising the contracts and preparing documents (such as ship's papers and inventories) for handover.

  • Moreover, we will also advise on survey results, help during any re-negotiations, recommend suitable legal experts, monitor the transfer of funds and so on.


Sea trial and condition survey

  • It is our company policy not to act as surveyors on behalf of our Clients in the purchase of a superyacht.

  • We will help you to retain the services of an appropriate team of experts, surveyors, engineers and (if necessary) electricians, fully reflecting the scope of survey you require.

  • The sea trial usually takes place prior to the condition survey and presents the key opportunity for you to experience the yacht in full commission.

  • Normally after the sea trial there is an opportunity for you to either accept and move on to survey or reject the yacht.

  • After the condition survey, a report will be issued (which usually includes a whole-out), upon which the yacht can be rejected or accepted.

  • This is also an ideal time to involve your future operational yacht management team (a service provided through IBIAMARE Management).  


Delivery of your yacht

  • Once you have accepted the yacht, your team at IBIAMARE will immediately start to prepare the handover.

  • This includes the verification of the most suitable completion date, and the review and preparation of all contractual documents.

  • On the date of delivery we will be present for the completion meeting and will (with or without your lawyer) establish a successful completion of the sale and money transfers.

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