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Ibiza trendy spot and beautiful landscapes

While some destinations in this world might be best known for their particular beautiful landscape, others for the unique traditional lifestyle and others for a rich historical heritage, there are also those travel destinations mostly famous for being party destinations and for their eccentric and unbelievable nightlife entertainment. One such fabulous destination is Ibiza Island, off the coast of eastern Spain, representing the very definition of parties and electronic music in Europe and even the whole world. Ibiza has gained an immense renown in the whole world as being a destination for young people looking to party, but few know that the island is also an enchanting and interesting destination besides its nightlife scene. Ibiza can also represent a luxurious holiday destination, offering high class accommodation and services for those looking to party in style and feel the rhythm of the island.

Definitely the most important attraction of this place are the beach bars and the clubs that play almost non-stop music during the summer season, attracting thousands of tourists looking to party. Some of these clubs have gained an international fame, being regarded as trend-setters in the music industry, with famous DJs playing each weekend. Some of the most popular party clubs include Pacha, Space, Privilege, Amnesia, Eden, Ushuaia Ibiza Beach, as well as the famous Cafe del Mar and many others.

While the Spanish government is trying to make Ibiza more family friendly and promoting the other types of tourism, entertainment will continue to be the main selling point of the island. But this does not mean that when visiting the island it should be the only thing to do, as there are many other amazing possibilities.

First of all, Ibiza has some excellent and high standard beaches, great for relaxing and swimming. For those that prefer more private options, there are many high class and luxury hotels that have private beaches and swimming pools with great views of the Mediterranean Sea. The island is also home to plenty of landmarks, some of which are extremely interesting, being designated as UNESCO world heritage, including the old port of Ibiza Town, the old Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta and others. There are also charming old fishing villages and old historical towns with beautiful churches, as well as beautiful landscapes all around the island. Ibiza island can also be a great destination for people looking to have water adventures, nice shopping options, exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and much more. But before everything else, Ibiza is the destination for upscale fun and entertainment, so a night spent in a lxuury club should always be included.

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