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Shape: S-shaped hull

Deck design: Teak deck, completely refitted in 2012

Superstructure: Wood with 5 layers epoxy West Ship system, the hull is painted white in 2011 (2 components)

Keel/Leeboardlong keel construction with overhanging stern

RudderWooden rudder, reinforced with stainless steel

Steering systemvarnished teak steering wheel

Windowslaminated glass in a frame of teak and covered with copper tubings. Teak hatch on the front deck with windows

Load displacement (kg)approx. 45.000

Ballast (kg)approx. 15.000

Vertical clearance (m)approx. 23,50 m

Boatyardformer English yard

Designerunknown, but most probably an Englisch designer

OtherThe yacht is on the hard since October 2015. Restoration 1997-1999: During this period the yacht has been brought back to its original design, based on an extensive historical expertise by Spencer Rigging in Cowes (UK). Complete restoration of hull, interior & all installations, carried-out by Dradisa-Vilanova in Spain under supervision of Spencer Rigging. Refit 2003: Several changes to hull, carried out on Ibiza in Spain. Restoration 2008-2014: Extensive restoration, bringing the yacht back into excellent condition with modern equipment. Main activities during this period: • Replacement of 27 oak frames. • Full overhaul of hull epoxy system with AWL Grip epoxy painting system. • Partial new teak deck, replacement of all joints. • New helmsman arrangement. • Extension front side of the doghouse, mainly for ventilation purposes of below-deck accommodation. • Outside exterior, new AWL Grip epoxy painting system. All teak wood covered with a 12 layer varnish system. • Improvement of rudder bearing arrangement. • Main engine overhauled and new gearbox. • Complete new propulsion shaft arrangement. Main engine has been moved forward in the saloon to create more living space below deck. • New generator, including advanced cooling water & exhaust gas valve control system for optimum protection of generator set. • Upgrade of steering system. New pump at helmsman console and the complete steering gear power pack has been overhauled. Now frequency controlled for precise autopilot steering, less electrical power consumption under sail and power steering by joystick during manoeuvring. • Complete overhaul of all hydraulic & manual winches. • Interior changes: new saloon and galley arrangement, new bathroom arrangement, the locker arrangement in Owner’s cabin have been changed. • Inside exterior, all mahogany interior wood coloured & protected with a 6 layer varnish system. New painting system of hull inside & ceiling. • New high power maintenance free heavy duty Rolls batteries. Total installed power about 1000Ah @ 24Vdc. • Extra 230Vac/24Vdc battery charger. • Complete renewal of electrical installation, with all equipment properly protected in fiberglass reinforced control boxes. New main switchboard. New 24Vdc distribution. Usage of reliable PLC technology. Totally installed cable length: about 1700mtr. • Extra 24Vdc/230Vac inverter for small consumers. • Complete new chart table layout, with all navigation, communication & control equipment in new panels. • Navigation & communication. New radar/chart plotter, new instruments, new VHF, new AIS receiver. • Improved lighting arrangement, exclusive lighting fixtures, more light in salon & cabins. • New bilge pump systems. • New compressors for fridge & freezer. • New drink water system. • New grey & black water pump systems. • New black water tank. • Complete overhaul of air conditioning systems in salon & owner’s cabin, including new circulation pumps & electronics. • Ventilation exhaust for galley equipment & shower compartment. • New oven & cooking plate. • New entertainment system. Hull: Heavy displacement, S-framed long keel construction with overhanging stern. Carvel built - Iroko planking (50mm thickness) on double-constructed white oak frames, frame distance: 450mm, bronze fastened. During last renovation period 27 frames are partly/completely renewed by new oak frames. On each side of the hull a stainless steel outrigger is constructed as an integrated part of the hull for the rigging of the main mast. Inside the boat a stainless steel reinforcement frame is positioned at main mast feet / outrigger position for optimum load distribution of the forces during sailing. Keel: Additional lead ballast is mounted on both sides of the keel to ensure optimum stability under full sail conditions. Deck: Transversal deck frames with Okume plywood base plating, covered with Burmese teak deck planking. Teak deck completely refitted during last restoration, including renewal of all rubber. Construction of cap rails, gangways and all further constructive parts of are made out of teak. Integrated cockpit with teak sides. To ensure safety on board, both sides are equipped with 50cm high bronze pillars and gold-coloured railing line, giving an exclusive look. All teak on deck, except for deck with new painting system: 2-components, International primer, AWL Grip High Gloss varnish system. Total 12 layers. Deck Layout: Flush deck layout with spacious area at mid deck and minimum of obstacles for quick & safe passage from aft to fore deck. Well-thought deck arrangement for easy handling of sails & rigging (back-stays). All deckgear made out of bronze and wood with finest details, custom made by Spencer Rigging, bringing the yacht back into original state. Doghouse & ventilation: A doghouse, made out of 40mm teak is situated at centreline of the yacht in front of the cockpit. The doghouse is giving access to the accommodation space below deck. On both sides two layered glass windows are mounted in teak frames and protected by copper round bars. At front side of the doghouse two new ventilation trunks are constructed, each equipped with dorade box and stainless steel cowl vent with Titantuff (maintenance free) high gloss gold coloured finish. Ventilation trunks are for forced exhaust ventilation of galley & toilet/shower. In both trunks a classic deck lighting armature is mounted. In between ventilation trunks a locker is situated for storage of deck accessories. Inside locker a 230Vac Cee-form socket for work on deck. At aft side, next to entrance, a panel is mounted with 3 maxi navigation instruments. Cockpit: A spacious cockpit is situated in front of the helmsman console. Complete back seat / sides made out of teak. Both sides of cockpit do give access by two hatches to lockers below cockpit. Cockpit is equipped with: • Two support ornaments for mast support poles. • Two oval bronze portholes, which can be opened, for outside lighting of guest cabin. • Two new bronze shell vents for natural ventilation of accommodation. • One compass, including lighting, with brass plated pedestal. The cockpit is of the self-draining type with draining by gravity and by means of a small collecting tank, situated under floor of cockpit. For further system description see section “tank systems”. Complete new set (not used yet) of cushions for cockpit in white/beige colour. Make: Zitstof, Markilux, year 2013. Helmsman console: Helmsman console, made out of teak with split covers for access to all navigation, communication & control equipment. Inside access by means of hatches in front and aft side of console. The hydraulic operated steering wheel is positioned between helmsman console and mizzen mast for easy/precise manual steering/manoeuvring. Inside helmsman console, by opening front hatch of helmsman console > access to emergency helm steering lever. Inside helmsman console equipment: • Shore connection sockets, 1x230Vac-16A & 1x230Vac-32A. • Junction box for all helmsman console equipment. • Rudder feedback sensor for autopilot. Top panel helmsman console equipment: • Engine control panel, including start/stop. • Steering gear control panel, including power steering joystick. • Autopilot control unit. • Navigation instruments. • Remote control for maxi navigation instruments at doghouse. • VHF. • Loudspeaker for VHF at chart table. • Socket outlet for portable floodlight. Deck store fore deck: Spacious deck store, accessible by a hatch from deck. The windows are protected by copper round bars. Covers & exterior protection: Completely new set of sail covers and tarpaulins - as described above, helmsman console, steering wheel, hydraulic winches, anchor winch & deck hatches. New bimini, covering cockpit, wheelhouse and mid deck. New cover for cockpit. Make: Zeilmakerij Stellendam, Markilux, colour: beige, year: 2012/2013. Others: Two double-opening teak hatch with (new) layered glass windows, protected by copper round bars. • 1x at centreline mid deck, right after main mast for lighting of owner’s cabin. • 1x at centreline fore deck, in front of main mast for access to store. • 1x gangway, length about 2.3mtr, made out of teak, with “Sky” inscription and 50cm bronze pillars and railing line. The gangway is mounted by a pinion arrangement in the stern. • Stainless steel bathing ladder, which can be mounted aside hull on portside. Further equipment: Bronze fittings with new eye bolts, bronze bollards, backstay eyes, hand and sea railing. STEERING GEAR SYSTEM: One (1) new innovative steering gear power pack is installed in starboard cockpit storage locker, further mentioned as steering gear compartment. The hydraulic power pack is serving a double-acting cylinder arrangement, connected to the rudder stock under helmsman position, for the control of the rudder. The power pack is designed for following functional controls: • Autopilot control in manual/auto mode. • Non follow-up power steering at helmsman console control panel, especially usage for manoeuvring in harbour. The electric pump motor of the continuous running power pack is controlled by a PLC and frequency controller, mounted in the steering gear control box, situated in the locker in between the beds in the guest cabin. By means of the frequency controller, the pump speed can be adapted to the sea-state/weather conditions, minimizing the power consumption. In addition the PLC is providing additional intelligence for even better power management by switching the controller on/off under very stable course conditions. Power supply for steering gear unit is either from generator or via the main 24Vdc/230Vac inverter. Last supply used when under sail, where the consumption is from board net batteries. Control of the system at chart table panel and on helmsman console. All hydraulic hoses are completely renewed. Under the power pack a drip tray is mounted to avoid spill of hydraulic oil. Cockpit drain system: In addition to drainage by gravity, a new extra drain tank with membrane pump is mounted below the cockpit. The drain tank is also collecting the water from the portside & starboard storage lockers, which can be entered by the hatches in the cockpit. Capacity of drain collecting tank: app. 40 Ltr. Each storage locker sump is equipped with a small 24Vdc bilge water pump (new) that is automatically discharging the drain water into the collecting tank. A manual/automatic 24 Vdc membrane pump (new) is discharging the drain water directly overboard. The pumps are controlled by PLC logic and are situated at chart table panel with running, level & high level indicators. 


Material, colours2011 - 2014: The whole interior has been renewed with Honduras mahogany

Upholstery, curtainsDark blue leather uphaulstery (2014) in the saloon, all matrasses have been renewed in 2014

Cabinsfore cabin (2 pers. bed), saloon and aftcabin (2x 1 pers. bed)

Berths4 berths

Headroomapprox. 1,80 - 1,90 meter

Toilet2012: electric vacuum toilet

Shower/bath2012-2013: new bathroom with a seperate shower and an electric shower pump (2012)

Sound system/TV2014: 2x entertainment system: 1x True Marine Fusion MS-RA205 (AM/FM, VHF channel scanning, iPod connection) Stereo system (in navigation area) speakers in the saloon and in the pedestal and 1x Samsung audio HD entertainment system

TV2014: Philips 22” flat screen LED TV in the saloon

Cooking device2013: 2 electric coocking plates

Oven2013: LG combi Magnetron/oven (230 Volt)

Microwave oven2013: LG combi Magnetron/oven (230 Volt)

Fridge2013: new fridge with a Domestic compressor

Freezer2013: new freezer with a Domestic compressor

Air conditioning2013: Marine Air: 1x 12000BTU and 1x 7000BTU

OtherA complete accommodation interior is built in classic Honduras mahogany wood. During the restoration salon and galley are re-arranged to create more living space, while remaining the traditional interior styling. All woodworks do have a new painting system, where large surfaces and panels are painted in a matt varnish, while framework and details are painted in high gloss varnish, giving nice and stylish accents to the interior. Floors made out of teak, varnished with sea water resistant painting system. The interior layout is designed in such a way creating optimum comfort below deck with a headroom of app. 1.80 mtr. Accommodation arrangement: 1. Salon. Spacious and elegant set-up with a nice (new) mahogany table in the centre of the salon. On both sides of the table a sofa with classic blue leather cushions. At the sides are small lockers and a bookshelf, while at portside space is created for a TV screen. 2. Galley. Nice galley with classic sink, equipped with all necessary equipment for longer journeys. The refrigerator and freezer are integrated into the interior works. Sufficient storage space by means of drawers. 3. Owner’s cabin. Situated in the forward part of the accommodation. Cabin with a 2-persons bed with a length of 2.1mtr. Sufficient lockers and direct access to the bathroom. 4. Bathroom / toilet. Completely refurbished both room to create more space. Access from salon and owner’s cabin with a separate shower compartment. Sinks with teak grading on the floor of each bathroom compartment. Sufficient storage space – all new lockers. In the centre, a mirror above the washbasin. The toilet is a electric vacuum toilet. 5. Guest cabin, situated in the aft of the accommodation. On each side equipped with lockers and/or drawers. In between the beds a small table with a mirror above. Lighting: Decorative classic brass lighting fixtures are installed. In order to reduce electrical power when underway, most of the lighting is replaced by LED lighting. Following galley equipment is installed: • One (1) new compressor for refrigerator. Make: Dometic. • One (1) new compressor for freezer. Make/type: Dometic. • One (1) new electric cooking plate, 2-zones with gimbal control for cooking under all-weather circumstances. • One (1) new combi microwave/oven. Make: LG. AIR CONDITIONING: Two (2) separate air conditioning systems are installed for cooling of the following accommodation spaces: • Salon, galley & guest cabin. • Owner’s cabin. The unit for salon, galley & guest cabin is installed under the entrance stairs in the salon. Make: Marine Air. System power 230Vac. Capacity: 12000BTU. Control via a digital display, mounted in salon on port side. Equipped with single compressor for cold air ventilation. The compressor is cooled by sea water, including sea water filter, inlet & discharge valves and new sea water circulation pump. The unit for owner’s cabin is installed under the bed. Make: Marine Air. System power 230Vac. Capacity: 7000BTU. Control via a digital display, mounted in owner’s cabin on port side. Equipped with single compressor for cold air ventilation. The compressor is cooled by sea water, including sea water filter, inlet & discharge valves and sea water circulation pump. Exhaust ventilation: Two (2) new separate ventilation exhaust systems are installed in lockers of salon port side and starboard. The systems are installed for exhausting air from galley area and shower compartment. The ventilation air is routed to the cowl vents situated on top – in front of doghouse. Ventilation exhaust fans are powered by 230Vac from the main supply or alternatively from the small 24Vdc/230Vac inverter. Two speed control. Control switches are mounted on the chart table panel. Air conditioning and refridgerator/freezer drain units: Two (2) new automatic drain units are installed for following purposes: • Draining of condense water of air conditioning unit in salon. • Draining of condense water of refrigerator & freezer. Both units are installed nearby the equipment under floor in salon respectively galley. The units are draining automatically to the grey water tank. Power 230Vac from the main supply or alternatively from the small 24Vdc/230Vac inverter. Control switches are mounted on the chart table panel. Shower sink pump: One (1) automatically (by level switch) operating shower sink pump, discharging the shower water directly from the shower sink, via a filter overboard. Power: 24 Vdc. Pump & filter are installed in generator compartment. 

Engine, electrics, water

Power220 HP / 163 kW

MakeMercury D4.2 L 6 cylinder in line Turbo (serial number: 1085709 - Engine number: 0L344694)

Year built2000, overhauled in 2011

Engine hoursTotal of approx. 1.500 hours, since the overhaul app. 60 hours


Fuel tankapprox. 500 liter stainless steel tank with inspection hatches

Cooling systemintercooling

Propulsionoil cooled gearbox (2010 and mounted in 2011 - since then app. 60 hours) with a PRM 750C3-2.5 PTO (reduction: 2.5:1 - serial number: 2213937 L01776), stainless steel propellershaft (2011) en 3 blade fixed propeller

Cruising speed (knots)approx. 7,5 knots

Max speed (knots)approx. 9 knots

Fuel consumptionapp. 6 liter per hour

Measuring instruments2014

Voltage12, 24 and 230 Volt

Operating panel2014

Battery2010: Rolls batteries: 1x 415 Ah, 1x 335 Ah, 1x 145 Ah

Battery charger2010: Mastervolt: 1x 24Vdc-75A, 1x 24Vdc-50A en 1x 12Vdc-15A

Generator2009 (first time used in 2014): Nanni Marine DM600, 6kVA with app.10 hours


Inverter1x 24Vdc/230Vac – 3500W and 1x 24Vdc/230Vac – 500W

Water pressure system2012L 24 Volt waterpressure system

Warm water2012: approx. 40 liter boiler

Water tankapprox. 300 liter stainless steel tank. Tank is mounted in 2011in the middle of the ship for better sailing performance

Holding tank1x approx. 60 liter greywatertank with electric pump, 1x app. 120 liter black watertank with electric pump, 1x app. 40 liter cockpit drain tank with electric pump

Shore power2013: fixed connection with an earth leakage circuit breaker and a shore power cabel



Water tank gauge2013


Oil pressure gauge2013

Temperature meter2013

OtherThe main engine arrangement has been completely renewed during last restoration (2008-2014) to create a more spacious salOon and giving better access. Engine has been positioned more forward on a new foundation and is now situated right under the table in the salOon. Many adaptions have been made to the complete propulsion arrangement to minimize shaft line vibrations. The engine is covered by a noise-insulated mahogany box with a teak floor plate cover, including an inspection hatch for access to the oil gauge. On both sides of the box, the floor plates can be removed for access to both side of the engine. In case of further inspection, the box can also be completely removed, giving full access to engine and engine compartment. MAIN ENGINE: Diesel engine with Turbo charging, intercooling with a wet exhaust system and a water lock. The engine is completely overhauled during the restoration period and is in an excellent condition. In addition improvements made on air intake, using a modern air intake filter to ensure clear air and installation of a new hydraulic oil cooler for the gearbox. Engine: Mercruiser, D4.2L, 6 cylinders in line. Continuous rating 220hp @ 3400rpm. Special provisions have been made to prevent damage to the engine when shutting down the system without closing the main hull sea cooling water intake valve, as the engine is far below waterline and possibility deck goes under water when under sail. This to avoid sea cooling water ingress into engine. MAIN ENGINE MONITORING & CONTROLS: Engine start/stop, control & alarm signal lamps are situated both at chart table panel and helmsman console. Analogue indicators for oil pressure, coolant water temperature and start battery voltage are mounted in the chart table panel. GEARBOX: Due to re-arrangement of the propulsion system, a new gearbox has been installed, mounted directly on the drive-end of the main engine. The gearbox is cooled by an hydraulic oil cooler. An additional PTO is installed for future purposes. Make/type: PRM, 750C3-2.5. Reduction: 2.5:1. Serial nbr: 2213937 L01776. Year 2010. Commissioned: 2011. Number of running hours: ca. 60hrs. Propeller shaft arrangement: Complete new shaft arrangement, consisting of a flexible coupling, heavy duty gimbal shaft and thrust bearing block for optimum transfer of engine thrust forces to hull, minimizing vibrations under the full engine rpm range. The new propeller shaft is grease lubricated, equipped with a double seal arrangement. At the propeller end a water-lubricated bearing is supporting the propeller shaft. The existing three blade bronze propeller is re-pitched and polished for a better engine-propeller performance. GENERATOR SYSTEM: One (1) new generator system is installed in the generator compartment, situated under the floor in the galley. Make/type: Nanni Marine, DM600. Power 6kVA @ 230Vac. Year 2009. Commissioned: 2014. Number of running hours: ca.10 hrs. The generator is serving the main switchboard, enabling power all 230Vac consumers, including battery chargers. A special valve arrangement is designed to prevent damage to the engine/generator when shutting down the system without closing the main hull valves. This to avoid sea cooling water ingress into engine. After engine stop or engine shutdown, the valves will automatically move to fail-safe closing position. The system is controlled by a PLC with all controls positioned on the chart table panel. Generator control by means of a separate display controller, mounted also on the chart table. The electrical installation is completely renewed and based on latest technology, consisting of professional marine type components. All terminal strips and components are installed in watertight polyester or ABS boxes to minimize failures due to harsh environmental conditions at sea. Where possible Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) are used for a reliable operation under all circumstances. Following voltage systems are installed: 1. AC System: 230V-50Hz. 2. DC System: 24Vdc. 3. DC System: 12Vdc. AC System – 230V-50Hz: The AC System can be powered from the following sources: • Shore Connection, selectable current input of 230Vac-16A or 32A. • Generator 230Vac – 6kVA. • Inverter #1 24Vdc/230Vac – 3500W. Main Switchboard for the AC System is situated in portside locker in the owner’s cabin, equipped with logic for selection of one of the above sources. At the front side of the box automatic circuit breakers are installed for all on board installed consumers. The internal equipment is usually remote controlled from the mimic on the chart table panel by means of pushbuttons, signal lamps and a digital control display. Voltage, current, power and frequency are displayed for the several power sources. An alarm system is installed for visualization of significant alarms and pre-warnings. Alternatively power source selection can also be made on the front side of the switchboard. In the helmsman console, two CEE sockets are installed for connection of the shore power supply. Dependent on the available power, either a 16A or 32A connection can be selected. This selection is made on the Shore Connection Box, which is situated in the cockpit portside storage locker. The shore power is separated by means of a 10kVA transformer, situated under the bed in owner’s cabin. Control is automated by the logic of the Main Switchboard. Both generator and inverter power source are also selected from the mimic on the chart table. The AC System is supplying the following consumers: • Battery chargers. • Air conditioning units. • Boiler, cooking plate, microwave/oven. • Steering gear. • Socket outlets in deck store fore ship, owner’s cabin, toilet, galley, salon and guest cabin. • CEE sockets in deck store fore ship, on deck and cockpit storage locker portside. • Hifi. • Drain systems & exhaust ventilation fans. DC System – 24Vdc: The DC System is consisting of 3 different battery sources, each with sufficient capacity to feed the consumers at sea for a longer time without running the generator. The 24Vdc is distributed to the on board consumers from the Main Distribution Box 24Vdc, situated in a starboard locker in the owner’s cabin. Following new battery sets are installed: 1. Battery set #1 for all navigation lighting, deck lighting, cabin lighting, control equipment power supplies and other small consumers. Power 415Ah. Consisting of 4x 6Vdc AGM cell, maintenance free dry batteries. Make Rolls Battery. Year 2010. 2. Battery set #2 for all pumps, winches and other heavy small consumers. Power 335Ah. Consisting of 4x 6Vdc AGM cell, maintenance free dry batteries. Make Rolls Battery. Year 2010. 3. Battery set #3 for main engine. Power 145Ah. Consisting of 2x 12Vdc AGM cell, maintenance free dry batteries. Make Rolls Battery. Year 2010. The Main Distribution Box 24Vdc is equipped with all main switches and fuses for batteries. In addition incoming supply from battery charges and main engine alternator, charging the batteries when engine is running. Charging of batteries by means of diode splitters. Outgoing fuses are foreseen for the following consumers: • Sub distribution at chart table. • Inverter #1 24Vdc/230Vac – 3500W. • Inverter #2 24Vdc/230Vac – 500W. • Hydraulic power pack for winches. • Anchor winch. • Main engine start system. At the chart table panel a sub distribution system is situated with automatic circuit breakers for all 24Vdc consumers. DC System – 12Vdc: For the generator, a separate 12Vdc battery is installed for control supply and generator start system. The battery is charged by the engine alternator or by a small automatic battery charger. Battery specifications: Power 85Ah. Consisting of 1x 12Vdc AGM cell, maintenance free dry batteries. Make Rolls Battery. Year 2010. Further three (3) 24/12Vdc converters are installed for all 12Vdc navigation & communication equipment, radio and other consumers. Each converter is sufficiently dimensioned to feed all consumers at the same time. Battery chargers: Two (2) battery chargers are installed, situated under bed in owner’s cabin, for charging battery set #1-3. • One (1) battery charger 24Vdc-75A. Make: Mastervolt. • One (1) battery charger 24Vdc-50A. Make: Mastervolt. The battery chargers can be controlled from the mimic at the chart table panel. In addition a new 12Vdc-15A battery charger is installed for maintenance of the battery for the generator. Make: Mastervolt. INVERTERS: One (1) 24Vdc/230Vac – 3500W inverter is installed for serving the AC consumers when no shore power supply available or when the generator is not running. Make: Mastervolt. This inverter #1 is directly connected to the Main Switchboard. The inverter can be controlled from the mimic at the chart table panel. One (1) 24Vdc/230Vac – 500W small inverter #2 is installed for supply of a computer and the exhaust ventilation fans when under sail to avoid necessity of switching-on inverter #1, minimizing electrical consumption. The inverter can be controlled from the mimic at the chart table panel. 24Vdc Alarm/Monitoring System: A 24Vdc monitoring system is installed for the control of the installed batteries. A microprocessor system is checking the condition of the batteries, which can be read-out on the chart table mimic. In addition the most significant on board alarm signals are made available for remote visualization by mobile phone. Installation: All equipment is professional installed, routing all cabling behind panels or below floor in pvc piping where practical possible. Fuel Tank: One (1) diesel fuel tank, situated on starboard in salon under sofa, including inspection hatches, electric and mechanical gauge. Capacity app. 500 Ltr. The fuel is supplied by gravity to main engine and generator set, as the tank is situated above equipment. Main fuel supply equipped with manual valve, Racor filter for main engine and small filter for generator set. Fresh water system: One (1) fresh water tank, situated on port side in salon under sofa, including inspection hatch and electric gauge. Capacity app. 300 Ltr. The fresh water is distributed via the 24 Volt fresh water pump, including carbon filter and buffer vessel, to boiler and the following taps: • Galley sink. • Toilet – washbasin & shower. • Deck store fore ship. All taps do have hot & cold water. The hot water is supplied from an electric boiler with a capacity of app. 40 Ltr, situated on port side in salon under sofa. All hoses, valves & connections are completely renewed. Grey water system: One (1) grey water tank, situated at centreline in galley under floor, including dismountable filter and electric gauge. Capacity app. 60 Ltr. Grey water is collected from: • Galley sink. • Washbasin in toilet. • Anchor chain locker. • Refrigerator & freezer. • Drain systems of air conditioning. A manual/automatic 24 Volt membrane pump (new) is discharging the grey water directly overboard. The pump control is situated at chart table panel with analogue level indication, running & high level indicators. Black water & toilet system: A black water system is provided for the toilet. The toilet is of the vacuum type with a combined vacuum/collecting unit situated at centreline in owner’s cabin under floor. The vacuum/collecting unit is equipped with a 24 Volt vacuum pump and is automatically discharging the black water to a new GRP black water collecting tank, situated under stairs in deck store fore ship. Capacity of vacuum/collecting unit: app. 6 Ltr. Capacity of black water collecting tank: app. 120 Ltr. The vacuum/collecting unit is controlled on a panel next to toilet. A manual/automatic 24Volt membrane pump (new) is discharging the black water from the black water collecting tank directly overboard. The pump control is situated at control box in the deck store fore ship. Discharging can be interlocked by means of a key switch on the panel. Tank level indicators are situated both on control box, as well as on a small indicator panel next to toilet. 

Rig and sails

TypeGaff rigged yawl

Spars, stays1999: Wooden Origon Pine main mast with 1 set of spreaders, wooden Oregon Pine Mizzen mast with 1 set of spreader, wooden Oregon Pine booms, gaffs, spinnakerpoole, bowsprit and stainless steel spars from Top Sail

WinchesBronze winches from Barlow Australia and Meissner

Sails materialdacron sails

Main sail1999: North Sails: Dacron crosscut Mainsail, 80m2 (in good shape)

Main sail reefing system2x reef

Mizzen1999: Nort Sails: Dacron crosscut mizzensail, 25m2 (in good shape)

Mizzen reefing system2x reef

Genoa1999: Piere Samar: Dacron crosscut genoa with stainless steel luffs and bronze jibhanks, 34m2 (in good shape)

Fore sail1999: North Sails: Dacron crosscut selftacking staysail with stainless steel luffs and bronze jibhanks, 18m2 (in good shape)

OtherMast & spars: Yacht has been completely new rigged to her original yawl sail plan by Spencer Rigging (UK) in 1999. During restoration from 2008-2014 both masts, rigging and all spars has been fully inspected and brought back into perfect condition. • Wooden main mast with 1 spreader (Make: Oregon pine, Year: 1999). • Mizzen mast with 1 spreader (Make: Oregon pine, Year: 1999). • Wooden bow sprit (Make: Oregon pine, Year: 1999). • Wooden mizzen sprit (Make: Oregon pine, Year: 1999). • Booms, gaffs, spinnaker boom and spars for top sail. All end faces of gaffs, booms, bow & mizzen sprit are equipped with beautiful bronze end caps with inscription “Sky 1890”. New painting system: 2-components, International primer, AWL Grip High Gloss varnish system. Total 12 layers. Rigging & reefing system: Type of rigging: Gaff rigged yawl. Stainless steel rigging with galvanized tensioners. All tensioners are outfitted with new cow leather covers. Reefing system: Manual reefing, except for stay sail which is self-tacking. Running rigging & sheets: Synthetic rope, year 2006. Blocks: Traditional blocks, made out of wood & stainless steel / bronze. Make Spencer Rigging. Sail wardrobe: Complete sail wardrobe, in good/new condition, consisting of: • Main sail, North Sails, dracon, crosscut, normal battened, 80m2 , year: 1999. • Mizzen sail, North Sails, dracon, crosscut, normal battened, 25m2 , year: 1999. • Stay sail, North Sails, dracon, crosscut , with stainless luffs and bronze jibhanks, 18m2 , year: 1999. • Jib, Piere Samar, dracon, crosscut , with stainless luffs and bronze jibhanks, 34m2 , year: 1999. • Jib topsail / Flyer, Piere Samar, dracon, crosscut , with stainless luffs and bronze jibhanks, 21.3m2 , year: 1999. • Top sail, Zeilmakerij Stellendam, dracon, 28.8m2 , year: 2013. Total sail area: 207.1m2. Complete sail wardrobe is checked & repaired in 2013 (only some small repairs). Complete new set of covers for main sail, mizzen sail & stay sail. Make: Zeilmakerij Stellendam, Markilux, colour: beige, year: 2012. Winches cockpit: In total 6 bronze winches, are installed around the cockpit, whereof 2x manual operated and 4x hydraulically operated. Make Meissner, type CMB 34-H, 2-speed with inscription “Sky 1890”, year 1999. The hydraulic winches are controlled by deck switches, installed into gangways, and powered by a hydraulic 24Volt power pack which is situated into the port side locker, accessible from main deck. Overhaul of power pack, all winches & winch engines. All hydraulic hoses are completely renewed. New winch control system. Winches fore deck: For fore deck sail handling, 2x manual self-tailing winches are located on deck in front of mast. Make Barlow, size 28, 2-speed, year 1999. Further 2x small auxiliary winches, single speed, installed at main mast. Make Barlow. Complete overhaul of all winches, including replacement of gears. 

Navigation and electronics

Navigation lightsin classic style


Rudder indicatorvia autopilot

Log/speednew: Raymarine ST 60 and Raymarine ST 290 Multi display

Depthnew: Raymarine ST 60 and Raymarine ST 290 Multi display

Windnew: Raymarine ST 60 Wind with repeater in the navigation area and Raymarine ST 290 Multi display

Autopilotnew: Raymarine ST 6000 with a Flux Gate compass and 2 displays

Radarnew: Raymarine C70 chartplotter/radar with a 2 kW radardome

GPSRaymarine Raystar GPS

VHFRaymarine Ray49E (new) with DSC in navigationarea with speaker at pedestal and a Simrad RD68 with DSC at the pedestal

Chart plotternew: Raymarine C70 radar/chartplotter with an AIS (Comar Systems, type AIS-3R) receiver module

Charts, pilotsnew: 1x electric chart

OtherThe yacht is equipped with a comprehensive set of navigation & communication equipment, suitable for longer trips ate sea. Following equipment is installed: • One (1) Autopilot, make Raymarine, type ST6000, including electronic fluxgate compass, rudder sensor and 2 control displays. One display with integrated rudder indicator, mounted at chart table panel, while the other display is mounted in the helmsman console. • One (1) new speed/depth display, make Raymarine, type ST60, including sensors. • One (1) new wind display, make Raymarine, type ST60, mounted in chart table panel, including new mast top sensor for wind speed & direction. • One (1) wind repeater display, make Raymarine, type ST60, mounted in helmsman console. • Three (3) multi displays, make Raymarine, type ST60, mounted at chart table and in helmsman console, for visualization of all available data within the system. • Three (3) large multi displays, make Raymarine ST290, mounted at aft side of doghouse, for visualization of all available data within the system from steering position and cockpit. Selection of data by means of a remote control mounted in helmsman console. • One (1) NMEA repeater for distribution of all available data to/from several equipment. • One (1) new combi chart plotter/radar system, make Raymarine, type C70, including Raystar GPS and 2ft radome antenna. • One (1) new AIS receiver module, make Comar Systems, type AIS-3R, for visualization of AIS targets on chart plotter. • One (1) new VHF, make Raymarine, type Ray49E, including DSC, mounted at chart table with external speaker mounted at helmsman console. • One (1) VHF, make Simrad, type RD68, including DSC, mounted at helmsman console. Two separate entertainment systems are installed: • One (1) new True Marine Stereo system, installed in chart table panel, with speakers in salon and helmsman console. Make/type: Fusion, MS-RA205. AM/FM, VHF channel scanning, iPod connection in front of chart table panel. Two zone volume control. Speakers in salon and helmsman console can be switched on/off separately. • One (1) new audio HD entertainment system, situated in salon on starboard, panel mounted. Make: Samsung. • One (1) new 22” flat screen LED TV, situated in salon on port side, recessed in locker compartment above sofa. Make: Philips. Navigation lights according to rules & regulations. Additional stern light, mounted in top of mizzen mast for better view on distance in high seas. Sufficient deck lighting is foreseen for safe work on deck during night. Following: • 4x spreader light main mast. • 2x spreader light mizzen mast. • 2x deck lighting front side doghouse. • 3x boom lighting. • 1x flood light for fore deck. All navigation & deck lights are controlled on the switch panel at the chart table, each with its own indication presented in a mimic. A socket for a portable flood light is foreseen in the helmsman console. 


Anchor1x 20 kg anchor with 40 + 60 meter stainless steel chain

Windlasselectric anchorwinch (24 Volt)

Fenders, lines4x fender, 5x line

Exterior cushions2013: white/beige Markilux cockpit cushions and sun matrass on deck

Covers2012-2013: various beige Markilux covers (cockpit, pedestal, steering wheel, deck hatches, anchor winch)

Bimini2012-2013: Suncover over boom and a beige Markilux Bimini over the cockpit

Swimming ladderremovable stainless steel swimmingladder, can be mounted on the side of the yacht

Sea rails, pushpit, pullpit50 cm high bronze stantions 

OtherAnchor/mooring winch & anchorage furniture: On fore deck, an electrically driven combined anchor/mooring winch is installed. Double capstan and anchor handling mechanism on each side of the winch. Oil lubricated gearbox with high power 24Volt electric motor. Single speed, single direction. The winch is controlled by a wired remote control. Overhaul of complete winch system, including control system. Electronics are situated inside the Anchor Winch Control Box in the deck store fore ship. This control box is also containing the logic for the black water system and a selector switch for the lighting inside the deck store. Other anchor/mooring furniture: • 1x galvanized steel drag anchor, weight about 20kg, stowed in deck store. • 1x 40mtr stainless steel anchor chain. • 1x 60mtr stainless steel anchor chain. • 5x heavy duty mooring line of different lengths, thickness about 40mm. 


Epirb1999: Kannad 406MHz cospas sarsat Epirb

Life jackets, harnesses6x life jacket, 2x life buoy

Life raft2x 8 pers. Avon Ocean liferaft in Valis (type ISO9650), last servey on11-09-2013

Bilge pump2x electric and 1x manual

Fire extinguisher2x fire extinguisher

OtherLife saving aids: Following life saving aids are included: • Two (2) ocean type life rafts in valise, including necessary survival equipment. Make Avon, 8 persons. type ISO9650, 1999, serial nbr K77C699, J71C699, checked & certified 11/09/2013. • 2x life buoy. • 6x life jackets. Fire extinguishers: Two (2) portable fire extinguishers, situated in galley and storage locker in cockpit on port side. Epirb: One (1) Epirb. Make Kannad, type 406MHz cospas sarsat, year 1999. Main bilge pump systems: Two (2) new automatic bilge pumps with non-return valves are installed in the bilge of the engine room compartment. Both pumps are discharging directly overboard. Power 24Volt. The pump control for both pumps is situated at chart table panel with auto/manual switch and running /level indicators.

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